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W3 Smarter Integration Platform – helping to improve business efficiency by providing an integration capability in weeks rather than months.

Businesses today are constantly under pressure to integrate their technology, both in-house and with their partners and suppliers, in order to streamline their operations and deliver a more efficient supply chain. To make sure that any such integration is as smooth and painless as possible, it’s essential to have a secure, agile solution that will work with your chosen platform.

For larger businesses, it’s not unusual to have inherited platforms and IT solutions that have come from mergers and acquisitions. There may even be separate IT departments, all of which presents an additional challenge when it comes to integration.

Successful integration

In order to integrate systems effectively, speed is key and that means technical solutions need to be agile as well as scalable and reliable. It is also important that whatever solution you use doesn’t constrain your ability to grow the business.

Enterprises need a way to integrate their applications and systems, to make their processes easier, faster, and to provide a robust framework for growth and change. For the past 10 years, W3Partnership has been working with organisations, enabling them to reach their individual integration targets. The company has designed and developed its own robust Integration Platform that can be adapted to suit any organisation’s criteria and requirements.

The W3 solution

The W3 Smarter Integration Platform is a solution that provides businesses with a set of pre-built patterns, technical services and connectors which allow users to link to business partners and other third Parties in a repeatable, consistent manner.

The platform is built around either the IBM API Connect or the MuleSoft Anypoint platform. This means that it allows for any API strategy to become part of the digital integration framework of the business. It can be used with existing in-house systems, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

It achieves this by using common technical services as the building blocks of integration. This is implemented using a pattern-based approach, supplemented by real-world experience, to ensure a flexible delivery model. All of this is tied together with an adapter framework that allows information to be shared over any network system. This makes it straightforward for organisations to start new services, validate information, transform and configure data to meet their needs.

Thanks to this innovative patterned approach, the W3 Integration Platform enables customers to quickly and efficiently set up new services without the need to recruit and maintain deep technical skills. Furthermore, integration is streamlined because the solution ensures that clients are left with a set of design documentation, pre-built patterns and transport adapters that allow faster, more efficient project initiation.

Benefits to the client of this fully documented code provision include faster time to market and therefore quicker return on investment.  Its future proof too; since it is fully documented, it can be used for future project requirements and adapt to changing business needs so it’s a solution for the long term, delivering efficiency and cost savings.


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