Bourne V Bond - Which One Are You In The API World?

Whether you are Bourne or Bond, Johnson or Gove, Cameron or Sturgeon come and talk to us today for support in your department’s digital drive.

Increasingly, I.T buying decisions are moving from reliable, secure I.T departments (Bond) to the more fast-footed business units of Government agencies (Bourne). Whilst this is necessary, to meet the demands of today’s Government organisations, there are risks associated with this change.

We live in a world where we’ve never had so much data. We can combine and use data sources in ways that even 5 years ago would have taken years to develop and get useful interpretations from. Every day it seems a new company arises with a capitalisation of billions of pounds (dollars, euros, yen), based solely on the way that they use data sources. Those data sources are exposed by APIs.

W3Partnership and Mulesoft have the proven tools and assets to help build and sustain these changes. We have demonstrated great depth of technical delivery and know-how to our customers.

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