Documentation Service

Graphical portrayal of your integration architecture

W3Partnership will document your integration architecture to provide you with the transparency and visibility necessary to reduce support costs and build for the future.


  • Graphical Portrayal: To create a graphic portrayal of the main components in the integration landscape and to describe their interrelationships.
  • Overview: To provide an overview of the main systems and processes and how they interact.
  • Latency and Redundancy: To identify potentially redundant or duplicated elements and or licenses.
  • Design Improvements: To recommend any quick architectural wins or improvements; with particular reference to any future growth plans, where appropriate.


  • Review: W3Partnership reviews existing operational documentation relevant to the integration architecture and licensing and IBM purchase renewal history
  • Overview: W3Partnership develops an high level connectivity diagram of the integration architecture.
  • Analysis: The findings are reviewed against established best practice gained from comparative reviews of similar installations.