Licence Rationalisation

Have you had an IBM software license audit?

W3Partnership will review your IBM Software Licenses across the IBM Software portfolio to see if you have any compliance issues or if you are over licensed.


  • Review: To review the application estate in relation to the IBM SW purchased and to identify duplication of licenses.
  • Feasibility: To explore the use of licenses for development, test, production and disaster recovery and establish the feasibility of any license rationalisation.
  • Plan: To draw up a plan to establish any interdependencies and licensing options necessary for the decommissioning of specifically identified components of the application estate.


  • Context: Establish the context and scope of the current IBM SW Licensing application landscape, along with your short and long term objectives, goals and known issues.
  • Analysis: Review the IBM SW application estate against specified business processes to identify the extent of any potential duplication or contradiction of functionality.
  • Recommendations: W3Partnership will present you with a report of feasibility and desirability for removal of specified components of IBM SW licenses or of selecting a different method of purchasing support and/or additional licenses (e.g. floating user /sub capacity pricing or off premises software as a service). The report contains options (where relevant) and prioritised recommendations as well as a comprehensive action plan.