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White Paper
Bourne V Bond - Which One Are You In The API World?

Increasingly, I.T buying decisions are moving from reliable, secure I.T departments (Bond) to the more fast-footed business units of Government agencies (Bourne). Whilst this is necessary, to meet the demands of today’s Government organisations, there are risks associated with this change. Download this whitepaper to find out how W3Partnership and Mulesoft can help build and sustain these changes.

nJAMS, helps MuleSoft Anypoint customers achieve digital business success

Integration Matters has developed nJAMS (not Just Another Monitoring Solution) to help businesses effectively monitor end-to-end process execution in highly demanding environments and measure business outcomes – across integration platforms, enterprise applications and cloud services.

WiredGov Report
Integration Platforms for the Government Sector 2016 Survey Report

Government organisations large or small are being challenged to deliver more through digital mediums, on an ever diminishing budget. These opposing dynamics are driving IT leaders and their staff to look at innovative solutions to meet these challenges. Their chosen solutions will all need some form of Integration to provide the optimum information to the consumer, in the optimum time, in a secure and safe way.

White Paper
Creating an IBM MQ H/A Cluster using a Multi-Instance Queue Manager

In this whitepaper, our IBM MQ experts recommend a topology that will provide a resilient, efficient and effective highly available clustered environment and will allow for ease of administration and monitoring.

User Guide
Connecting WebSphere MQ & Forum Sentry

This document is intended to offer a step-by-step guide to implementing a connection between WebSphere MQ v7.1 & a Forum Sentry v8.0.642 device on a UNIX platform.

White Paper
The Application Network : What it is and how it works?

Download this whitepaper to learn:

  • Why IT needs to change in order to deliver the innovative experiences businesses need to thrive
  • The capabilities and benefits of an application network that will allow the IT organization to deliver projects in a fraction of the time
  • How an application network can provision the entire business with technology solutions



Webinar On Demand
Technology that Drives Supply Chain Efficiency

Watch a recording of our webinar held on 28th June 2017 at 10.30am (BST) featuring speakers from W3Partnership and Integration Matters to see how you can use nJAMS to bring total visibility to all of your supply chain operations.

Webinar On Demand
The Importance of APIs and Securing the Value Chain

Integration of the Value Chain is one of the ways in which organisations can improve their performance and, ultimately, their bottom line.

Watch a replay of the webinar which was held on 15th February 2017 at 11.00am in conjunction with IBM to explore how to manage, organise and secure your APIs.

Webinar On Demand
What Are You Doing To Realise The Potential Of The API Economy?

Watch a replay of our event featuring speakers from W3Partnership and IBM on the future of the API Economy within the Industrial sector.

  • What is the API economy, and what can it do for me?
  • How can APIs benefit my organisation?
  • Where has it worked before?

Best Practices for Testing Mule Applications

Learn how to use How to use MUnit to:

  • Test API implementations
  • Automatically generate coverage reports
  • Integrate testing into your continuous integration process

Web Demo
API-led Connectivity: Anypoint Platform In Action

Successful integration depends on more than just great technology. In this demo-driven hour long session you will experience the Anypoint Platform in action, and also learn about MuleSoft's approach to integration based on our expertise in the industry.

Survivor or thriver? Addressing PSD2 and Open Banking through API-led Connectivity

Hear from MuleSoft Banking API specialist Danny Healy and industry veteran Paul Rohan, author of "PSD2 in Plain English", for a unique business and technical insight from the leaders in API-led connectivity.

The Value of Integration: Results from a Benchmark Survey

This webinar will provide a practical approach to understanding the value of API-led connectivity within your company.