Enterprises must join the digital transformation, or they risk being left behind by the competition. For enterprises about to embark on digital transformation initiatives, it’s imperative that they have control over their organisational data, of which systems integration is crucial.

Systems Integration ensures enhanced infrastructure management, reduces data redundancy, and maintains data integrity, resulting in improved organisational productivity and efficiency.[1]

These five benefits can be achieved with systems integration:

  1. Data collection – Centralising data provides more accurate results, which in turn enriches business decisions. Creating one repository guarantees consistency throughout the organisation and saves time during analysis and decision making.
  2. Real-time visibility – Access to up-to-date information across all systems enables timely informed decisions. Systems integration removes risks and enables your team to make critical decisions based on accurate real-time information at any time.
  3. Process efficiency – Processes can be automated and consolidated enabling your team to become more focused on value added aspects of their role helping your business to grow and improving job satisfaction.
  4. Boost sales – integrated systems have a huge impact on sales. Customer experience is improved with a simplified and smooth buying process and customer care teams can use data flows to meet and exceed customer requirements. Enhancing customer experience and providing a competitive advantage.
  5. Cost savings – Efficient management of data and making that information available to the people who need it to underpin better timely decision making, automated tasks to enable teams to focus on improvement and growth deliver cost savings at every phase of business processes.

Painless Systems Integration

Smarter Integration from W3partnership offers fast and cost-effective integration; a low-code, cloud-based digital integration solution. The Smarter Integration platform gives our clients the quickest, most reliable and cost effective route of integration available. Using a pre-defined set of adapters and connectors, applications and databases can be linked together for virtually any business process.

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