There are many different reasons that an organisation chooses to integrate its IT landscape. It may be to reduce complexity, eliminate manual workarounds, improve efficiency, or perhaps a combination. But once the implementation is complete, how does the organisation know whether the integration has achieved its intended goals? What’s more, how can it ensure that the integration platform and all the underlying systems and processes continue to operate at peak performance, delivering on KPIs in an ever-changing environment?

Enter nJAMS

nJAMS was developed with these challenges in mind. To use a simple analogy, if you consider your IT architecture and integration platform like a car, then nJAMS is the dashboard that tells you how it’s running.

Living up to its name of Not Just Another Monitoring Service, nJAMS provides an enterprise-wide perspective of process flows and transaction data. It works with your existing integration platform, enterprise applications, and cloud services to deliver monitoring capabilities straight out of the box.

Employees can log onto the service via a web-based user interface, with access permissions configured according to their role. However, what they see once they log in is for the organisation to decide. The nJAMS dashboards can be easily customised according to the team or enterprise KPIs, pulling data from whichever systems or processes are relevant for the user.

Rule-based activities can be defined for specific events and notification triggers. For example, if a particular operation is taking longer than a certain amount of time to execute, a user is notified. Similarly, traffic light visuals help to highlight issues in real-time.

Users can search for any process execution information. For instance, your customer service staff can easily search for any given client transaction or request without having to work through multiple systems or platforms to find it. Or, your warehouse staff can locate particular movements of goods with a single search.

However, nJAMS also delivers benefits on the macro level. The data collected can be aggregated into rich analytics, providing a big picture view of how the organisation is performing. Senior leaders are equipped with the knowledge and facts to drive effective decisions made at the right time in response to real-world events.

Many organisations across multiple sectors are already reaping the benefits of nJAMS.

Case Study 1 – Finance

A leading European insurance and asset management company chose nJAMS as a self-service solution for its customer service specialists. Before the implementation, each time a specialist received a status request or complaint, they had to check the background of the case across multiple systems. These checks often also involved members of the IT department, which further slowed the process.

The company opted to implement nJAMS on its integration structure to provide a self-service solution for the customer services team. With an intuitive user interface, specialists were able to generate their own queries, reports, and alerts in real time as needed.

The processing time of requests decreased from five minutes to just one, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction levels. The initial setup took only four weeks to implement, and ROI estimates showed a one-time savings of $250,000 compared to a custom-built solution.

Case Study 2 – Petrol

Petrol is the leading energy company in Slovenia, providing oil and other energy products to the Slovenian market. Energy companies are facing a particularly challenging period as they prepare to transition to lower-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels. For that reason, Petrol identified the need to transform its IT architecture to ensure it had the fastest possible to-market time for new products and services.

Petrol selected nJAMS to help drive operational efficiency and customer excellence, seeing immediate results with a time-to-value of less than a single day. According to Jani Kavčič, Head of IT development at Petrol, implementing nJAMS means “we are able to provide exactly the IT and business reports needed for a successful implementation of our digital strategy.”

Broader Use Cases

These are just two examples, but nJAMS is suitable for many more use cases across different industry sectors, particularly those facing changes due to the increasing move to digitisation. In retail, consumers increasingly expect 24/7 shopping and in-the-moment responses from brands. Retailers with access to the kind of data that can help predict customer buying patterns and anticipate issues before they happen will more easily gain an edge over their competitors.

Similarly, nJAMS can provide complete oversight of the end-to-end manufacturing process.

Manufacturing is increasingly reliant on new technologies such as robotics or autonomous vehicles. Effective monitoring makes it possible to track the efficiency of these solutions and ensure they are delivering maximum ROI.

W3 Partnership – Your Partner in Integration

nJAMS is just one of a suite of integration services that W3 Partnership can provide. As specialists in digital integration, we help clients of all sizes to achieve an integrated IT architecture fit for any purpose. We’ve worked with clients including HMRC, Office Depot, and Pets at Home on their integration projects. With a range of services and solutions covering on-premise and cloud-based applications, we can confidently handle all your integration needs for a fuss-free implementation.


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