Collaborative working relationships are the reality for any industry. By building closer partnerships up and down the supply chain with suppliers, distributors and customers, organisations improve performance, reduce time-to-market and costs, thus improving profit, providing room to innovative.

Your suppliers, partners and customers are all critical to your business success and profitability. They require immediate and secure access to relevant data to help them make important decisions on your behalf, to maintain a consistent level of production. In return you need data on partners’ digital activities. For instance, enterprises need immediate insights into any possible constraints in supplier’s inventory that might adversely impact manufacturing commitments and service to consumers.

APIs are the, “digital glue” helping you bridge these digital islands thus allowing organisations to share relevant information, so that it can be seamlessly integrated at the point of interaction.

Join our Webinar at 11:00 am – 15th February 2017 to hear one of our customers and IBM share their experience of maintaining and securing the Value Chain. Click the link below to register;

The Importance of API’s and Securing the Value Chain

Integration of the Value Chain is one of the ways in which organisations can improve their performance and, ultimately, their bottom line.

All participants are eligible for a one day workshop worth £2,000